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Domino101 - Double Six Domino Tournament St Croix Vs Jamaica - Cover Image Featured ·

Domino101 - Double Six Domino Tournament St Croix Vs Jamaica

Jamaica foundation of Croix has done it again and is hosting yet another Double Six Domino tournament you don't want to miss!. Sponsors for this Domino tournament are SD&C Inc and The Jamaica Domino Council Association. Jamaica will go head to head in a six day tournament with St Croix. The dates for the competitive game of dominoes are from Thursday June 13th to Tuesday June 18th. St Croix is located in The Us Virgin Island where the event will be held in Christiansted. Patrons and Domino enthusiasts are super excited for this long awaited event. May the best team win!. Will it Be St Croix or will it be Jamaica? We will keep you updated here on

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The name is Shanique Dowie. I will be providing the latest updates for current events and events to come here on Domino 101.

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